Monday, May 14, 2012

Three More Steps

We are waiting on our Article 5 to be picked up at the Consulate in Guangzhou.  From there we wait for CCCAA to issue TA, Travel Approval and last a CA, Consulate Appointment.  That is just three more major steps.  We also have to apply for our Visas, and get organized for travel.
Our Church Spaghetti Dinner was a great success and also came in handy to pay for our well pump that decided to quit after 20 years of faithful service and to pay for a insurance deductible of $2500 for Guy's four day hospital stay.  Happy to report Guy is doing well and is back to work.  His new employer has been fantastic.  Thank you God!  The past month and a half has been a test of strength and a reminder of how many wonderful friends and family we have.  We are getting very anxious to travel and bring Emily Ann home and hope and pray that everything will go smoothly.  We would love to get an update on our Beibei and keep putting in requests but due to the new system in place for obtaining updates we have received nothing yet.  I sure hope we can get an update before traveling.