Friday, March 9, 2012

Here's a surprise!! <-----(sarcastic) Still waiting for LOA

Day 52 and still waiting for LOA.  You would think we would be used to this because it is a second adoption but it doesn't get easier.  The fact is our little girl is in China and we are here and until we are all together it is hard to relax.  We love you Emily Ann Xiu Bei.  We know you have no idea that we even exist but we are waiting for you to become our daughter and mei mei..  We think of you, imagine your voice, wonder what your personality is like and dream of holding you.  Your big sister thinks of you often and wonders what it will be like to be a big sister.  We pray that you are safe and your foster family is taking very good care of you until we can become a family.  It is hard for us to wait because we already love you so much.

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