Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guangzhou - Sunday July 1

Today was our day of touring and we were looking forward to being with one of our favorite guides, Helen.  She was our guide in Guangzhou on our last trip and was wonderful.  When we went down to the lobby we were greeted by Lilly who was very nice but harder to understand. Helen is assisting a man and his wife and new child at a hospital.  The man got very sick last week and had to be hospitalized.  He has an infection around his heart and pneumonia.  Please pray for this family as they surely need all of the prayers they can get.  Yesterday we meet them in the lobby.  The man was released temporarily but Helen was taking him back to the hospital.  They are waiting until he is well enough to make the flight home.  His poor wife looked so helpless and scared.  Helen has been staying at the hospital since yesterday and will remain with them until he is able to go home.  We will miss Helen but understand how very much that this family needs her.
We toured a museum of 2000 year old tomb which was interesting for us but not so much for Sarah and Emily although they were both very well behaved.  After the museum we went to the Government store to buy a tea set and jade for Emily the same as we did for Sarah.  For lunch we visited a handmade noodle house.  It was very good food but the trip to the restroom and squatty pot with our little wild lady is quite an experience.  Emily has found that she need to get the toilet tissue for me and she is soooo proud of herself doing this but she sort of over does it.  I now know why they use split pants, too.  Emily is potty trained very well for two years old but in order to squat she needs the diaper and shorts off.......NO FUN...particularly in this heat.  It was near impossible to redress her as she is jumping up and down laughing and grabbing everything.  
Sarah is learning that having a little sister is both fun and not so fun as she is not used to having to share Mommy an it isn't easy for her with how demanding Emily is of me right now.  Sarah is a wonderful little sister and tries to be helpful.  Bedtime has been the hardest for Sarah.  Last night we did get a little time together after Emily fell asleep.
Emily is coming out of her shell and was actually a little wild lady today running all over the hotel room right after she said, "cai zhen Baba".  Guy ran out to finish up paperwork for the Consulate tomorrow and for supplies.   What a handful Emily is going to be!  She is smart like her big sister and already saying things like her favorite, "no, no, no" which is followed by laughter.  "Whoops" and "PU, PU, PU" are her other favorites.  
We went to the pool again yesterday.  We now have two water bugs.  Emily is terrified of the bathtub but LOVES the pool.  
We had eel for dinner last night.  It was very good.  
Time to wake Emily and head out for more interesting food.
The second picture I am adding is a pillow that was in the museum.  And we think their beds are hard!

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