Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2 in GZ

We went to the US consulate today for the last of the paperwork.  They have changed the rules from last time we were here.  We show up in the morning at 8:30 and hand in our paperwork and take the oath and we are done.  Tomorrow our guide will pick up Emily's visa and bring it to us Tuesday afternoon.  There were only 8 families there today unlike for Sarah when there were 25 or so families.  

When we were done we went to the zoo, it is only 10 minutes from the hotel.  The girls had a great time feeding the giraffes.  The girls got in free and it was 20 yuan per person, that's about $3.20 usd per person.  It was a very nice zoo, it did cost 10 yuan to feed the giraffe, and we did that 3 times, so it was a cheap day, $14.40 for the zoo.  We saw a panda, rhinos, monkeys, tigers, the girls had a great time.  Right now they are beating each other up with the balloons they got at the zoo.  Emily is laughing and smiling, they are having a great time.

Emily is becoming more comfortable with me, I can feed her and push her stroller but cannot hold her or lay next to her.  She is in to everything, I can't imagine how much she would get into if she had 2 hands.  She has changed a lot in 1 week already.  She will eat every hour she is awake if we let her.  She doesn't like bitter melon or red peppers but anything else is OK. She will be our sports star, she is very rough and has no fear.  It's hard to not expect more from her as she is so big but we have to remember she will be only 2 next week.  Both of our girls do not let their special needs slow them down at all.       

On Wednesday we need to be in the lobby at 5:15 AM for a 3 hour ride to Hong Kong.  I'm sure I'll have 3 cranky women that morning.  We will update more later.

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