Monday, June 25, 2012

FW: Day 2

Subject: Day 2
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 02:48:53 -0400

Emily slept well last night, it took a while to get her to sleep.  She fell asleep laying on Linda.  Sarah on the other hand was up at 3 AM wanting to go for breakfast.  Today we went to the civil affairs office and the notary office, so Emily is officially ours!!  Down time this afternoon, trying to stay cool, hot and humid today.  Emily was brushing her teeth by herself this morning, fed herself at lunch, she had congee and noodles.  She is still not sure of me and cries when I get too close, she is very clingy to Linda.   

Tried to get food outside the hotel today, not good.  The first place had no picture menus so I could not order anything.  The second place was worse, they had picture menus but trying to explain take out did not work well, the woman pointed to the door while yelling something, not really yelling more like screaming, so I left.  Linda said she probably was saying "do you want this to go?" but that's not what it felt like.  So, back to the hotel for food.  

Today we met some people from New Hope PA today, they adopted a little girl with cleft lip, they will be on our flight home next week.  Another couple we met is from Canada, their consulate is in Beijing so we will not see them after Friday.  Went to Walmart for supplies today, everything said Made in the USA, just kidding.  We are stuck in the room as it is so miserable outside, high in the upper 90s and it rains a few times a day so the humidity is around 90 to 100%.  I guess the people living here must get used to it.  


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  1. Congratulations family of four! :) Looks like Sarah is being a great big sister. <3 Prayers for Emily's adjustment. Hope it's as smooth as possible.