Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FW: Day 3 Nanning

Subject: Day 3 Nanning
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 03:23:32 -0400

I am sure looking forward to getting to Guangzhou and our guide Helen who was our guide there last time.  We have been eating the same hotel restaurant foods for days.  Guy had a second failed attempt at ordering food from a none hotel restaurant today.  The breakfast buffet is okay but it is basically the same everyday.  We were truly spoiled by our guides last time as they walked us through ordering food, went out with us to dinners and Cindy, our guide in Yinchuan even bought treats like oranges for Sarah out of her own money, suggested foods for her and would go with us to get take out to bring back.  Our guide this time seems to think we are capable of ordering our own food which is far from true.  It would be easier if we could all go out and sit down to a meal but with 34 pounds glue to me in 90 degree/94 % humidity it's just not happening.  The room is a nice temperature and comfortable except for the occasional whiff of cigarette smoke from the floors below.
After a rocky morning with lots of clinging and crying Emily seemed to open up a tiny bit allowing her Baba to feed her while she sat on my lap and even gave him a little smile.  She has the biggest smile and huge dimples.  She is starting to open up a little bit.  The minute Guy walked out of the room she got up and played with Sarah.  She ran around the room until he came back.  She finds it very funny when told no, no, no.  That will probably be her first English phrase.  I think I heard her attempt it when Sarah said it to her today.  Emily falls asleep by putting her pillow on me and laying on me.  Thank God for the foster Mom's thoughtfulness to send that pillow along.  If we weren't having jet lag issues we would be able to get a good nights sleep thanks to that pillow.
I will try to include a couple of pictures.

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  1. Oh, precious little (big) Emily! Thank goodness for her pillow and her new Mama! <3