Friday, June 29, 2012

Saturday 6/30 Guangzhou

We were busy so we missed a day.  Friday we received Emily's passport at 3:30 and had to rush to the airport to catch our plane at 5:55.  When they say the departure time is 5:55 they mean the plane actually takes off at 5:55, we were in the air at 5:55.  The airport was crowded and we had to take a bus to the plane and walk up the stairs to get onto the plane while baking in the 95 degree heat.  We were traveling with a family from New Hope Pa so it helped having people doing the same thing as we are.  Emily did very well on her first flight even with the turbulence.  When we got to Guangzhou we met our guide that we had for Sarah's adoption and that was nice to see someone we knew.  She recognized us right away, she is a very helpful guide.

We are staying at the Garden Hotel this time, what a nice place.  We thought the White Swan was nice 2 years ago, I think this is a nicer hotel.  We have a suite which is great, Emily can play on the floor and is not confined to playing on the bed.  As you can see by the picture it could be a romantic get away if we had no kids.  That is a 5' x 6' window from the bedroom to the bathroom overlooking the tub and shower.  There is a curtain that comes down.  Of course I had to raise the curtain while Linda was in the shower, husbands and wives just don't have the same sense of humor, I thought it was funny.  

Emily had her medical exam today, what a difference from 2 years ago.  We went to a new building and our guide wanted us there for the first appointment and we were first.  There was no one else there, we were in and out in 15 minutes.  The one doctor looked at Sarah's hand and told our guide he had seen her before.  He was intrigued by he surgery to separate her thumb.  Emily did well except when it came to the doctor looking in her mouth.  We handed over our paperwork to our guide and have the rest of the day off.  we walked around town for a little while and had lunch.  Tomorrow we will take a tour and have free time in the afternoon.  Monday we need to be in the lobby at 7:50 am, not going to be easy with 3 girls.  We then go to the US consulate for the swearing in and dropping off the forms for Emily's visa.  We will then receive her visa on Tuesday and head home on Wednesday.  

We will be heading to the pool now, Emily likes to be in the pool but has a bad time in the tub.  Sarah is getting jealous of her little sister getting so much mommy time and Sarah is stuck with Baba.  Our guide even tried to bribe Emily with candy to have me hold her but she is still crying when I pick her up.  She will at least play and laugh with Sarah in front of me now.  We will update more later or tomorrow.  

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  1. We had that same shower/window and Matt thought raising the blind was funny too. It was not. ;)