Saturday, June 9, 2012

Plane, trains and automobiles, Oh my!

Yeah, if all goes as planned we should have Emily in our arms before her second birthday!  We are should have our flights booked by Monday.  It will be a long trip with layovers in San Francisco then Hong Kong then on to Nanning, Quangxi Province where we will meet our little girl.  Hopefully we will get some sleep in somewhere during that travel.  We should all be totally exhausted by the time we get there.
We were also thrilled to receive a brief update of Emily's sizes.  The best part was there were a couple pictures.  If the updates are correct Miss Emily (Mei mei Bei Bei) is a big baby sister.  She 31.5 lbs and 34" tall and will be wearing 3T clothes and she has not yet turned 2.
Little sister not so little.

Our cutie Mei Mei  Bei Bei
 I am not looking forward to the grueling travel schedule but cannot wait to have Mei Mei as our daughter!  

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