Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green Mountain and first carry

Today we ventured out into the jungle to tour Green Mountain.  It was entirely too hot for me but we had a good time.  Sarah and Guy walked to the top of the pagoda and took pictures while I melted at the bottom with Emily.  Guy was taking the pictures and didn't take one picture of the outside of the pagoda.  Sarah played a violin with a man at the top. Emily really enjoys being outside and had fun walking around.  Twice she let Baba get her out of the van and even let him carry her in to the hotel.  She is slowly warming up to him but still on my lap constantly which would be nice if she weren't so heavy.  Once she does warm up and come out of her shell she is real handful and very smart.  Yesterday she surprised me by singing a song in Mandarin with Sarah.  Today they both sang two songs together in Mandarin while we rode in the van.  They both love music.  Tomorrow will be tough day as we will leave Emily's Province on her first airplane trip.  We travel to Guangzhou which is a short flight but it appears it is even hotter there. 


  1. Oooooooh! Are those the dresses Lily picked out for them in Cancun?! Nice to see you out and about. Safe travels!

  2. I just caught up on the last four posts.... been busy crazy here this week. But the good news is we finally got our DTC :)

    What a sweet little face your Emily has - she's a cutie pie for sure. It sounds as if the transitioning and checking you both out is going well for her. Love the pillow thing - so funny! Have a great time in GZ - you'll be home sooner than you can imagine!