Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Isn't it ironic

Isn't it ironic that Sarah is from a Northern Province that gets cold and we go there in the winter and Emily is from the subtropical Southern Province and we go there in summer?
Isn't it ironic that Sarah was a feather weight and she bonded with her Baba who is over 6' tall and Emily can wear a size 5T and she chose me, a 5' 1", no spring chickie to carry her constantly.  

We tried a stroller today and she screamed and climbed out. Her feet can reach the ground so there is no safe way of keeping her in it.  Sarah has been such a good girl on the trip and so very understanding.  She is the best big sister!  She had Emily laughing and feeding us both Cheerios today.  We were having a very good time with lots of smiles and laughs until Baba returned and then the tears were back.  Emily is doing very well considering it is not even 24 hours.  She is sad and still looking for Mawah. 

Guy is having a difficult time with communicating with the locals and I think it is hysterical.  People are speaking Cantonese so our Mandarin is not helping.  It is a shame that all our days in Chinese school have left us unable to order take out.  I had to order the food in the restaurant the other day and today he tried to order take out and when the woman pointed to the door he left.  I am sure they had a good laugh. 

I know stop talking and add pictures!  We have been having some trouble adding photos. 

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  1. I posted an update on Facebook. Everyone wanted updates. :) I didn't think you'd want the world to have your blog. So glad the girls are doing well!