Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday 6,27

Long day of crying for Emily.  She is very upset with me, she cries when I come near her and sometimes just when I look at her.  When I went to the grocery store Linda said she was running around and singing with Sarah.  As soon as I came back to the room she started crying.  When I came back with dinner she was not as mad at me and let me feed her a little.  

We don't think she ever had a regular bath as she will not sit in the tube, even with Linda in with her.  Emily has been potty trained already, she cries to let us know she has to go.  We have had a diaper on her but it has not been wet at all even when she sleeps for 9 hours at night.   That will be nice if she does not regress when we get home.  As soon as she is done she hops off the potty.  

Sarah and I went back to the Peoples Park today while Emily had a nap.  We fed the fish again, there is a huge lake filled with Koi and Sarah loves when the fish are jumping all over each other to get the food, especially when they splash Baba.  We had a lot of fun and she knows she is my travel buddy for the ride home.  I have no chance of sitting with Emily on the way home so i want Sarah to feel special, so I picked her as my travel buddy.  So she knows she is responsible for keeping me occupied on the flight home.

Today I ventured to the grocery store by myself,big accomplishment! The girls at the check out had a good laugh, no English spoken by either of them, lots of people smile and laugh at me.  Had a good walk to KFC, about a 1/2 mile or so each way.  Got to play the human version of Frogger, I learned you walk when Chinese walk and stop when they do.  Crossing the road is crazy, you cannot hesitate at all, everyone seems to move in a fluid motion even though it is very chaotic if you hesitate you upset the balance.  There is a major intersection by the hotel, but is has no traffic light so it is very interesting to watch the traffic.  So you try to cross 6 lanes of car and bus traffic as well as 4 lanes of moped, scooter, motorcycle and 3 wheeled taxi.  I found that when the bike lanes are full the mopes and scooters just drive on the sidewalk with the pedestrians.  It was a very interesting walk seeing how people live in the city, I feel we are very lucky to live where we do.  We will update more tomorrow, we leave for Guangzhou on Friday.   

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