Monday, June 25, 2012

She's here!!!

Emily arrived at 2:30 on Monday June 25 2012.  She is BIG!!!!  She is playing with Sarah right now, helping herself to Cheerios.  Sarah is doing very well as the big sister, very helpful.  Sarah will not be the big sister for long, Emily is about 1" shorter and probably weighs at least as much as Sarah if not more.  Linda is doing very well now that Emily is here, more relaxed and very nurturing.  Linda did get thrown up on, congee was on the menu for lunch today.  They were feeding her a lot for lunch.  She was crying in the beginning but is doing much better (Emily that is).  Emily is learning how to open and close the Cheerio container by herself and likes watching Sarah dance.  She has learned to push the button on a toy that plays music and watch Sarah dance.  

Sarah handled everything very well, only a little sad at one point.  Sarah was very excited before Emily got here, she wanted to know when Emily was going to be here.  Sarah said she is very happy that she has a sister,  we will see if she stills feels that way in a year or two.

Emily is now speaking but she speaks Cantonese, and all of Chinese language classes we took were for Mandarin. But we did learn the signs for her needing the bathroom.

We will send pictures tomorrow and will update our progress, right now it's the calm before the storm when it comes to her emotions.


  1. Lily Mei and I keep checking for pictures! She's very excited and said she sure hopes Sarah will share her sister sometimes.

  2. OH! Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to keep up with the trip and see a pic of you all together as a family of four :)